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Board Design Service
Board and System

Board and System Design Services

    Video Rules provides simple board design or turnkey systems design services from concept to production.

System architecture
Parts selection and purchasing
Schematic design
FPGA and/or CPLD design
Software development
Board layout
Board fabrication
Board assembly
System debug

    Or any combination of the above to complement the customer's board design strengths.

    Our strength, however, is to produce complete systems in a very short time.

    We develop embedded software and Windows applications for the board or systems we design.

    The principals at Video Rules have produced over 130 boards in the last five years. Our rate of success is very high. We have experience in producing:

Development platforms
Bring up boards for ASICs
Reference design
High end broadcast equipment
Medical video devices
Large volumes consumer products

Our Systems and board design capability

We design high quality digital, analog and mixed signal boards.

We have produced everything from tiny one square inch H.264 compression systems to large 390mm by 490mm systems with 18 daughter boards. Pictures are shown at the end of this presentation.

We have produced 132 boards in the last 5 years, 130 of these boards worked the first time.

We consistently produce high quality boards with fewer layers and lower cost than other designers. We are also able to reduce the layer count and increase the performance of existing designs by improving board layout.

We have developed embedded software for ARM, MIPS, 80x86, 8051, 680x0, 6800, z80 and VAX

We have Linux and Windows experience including both applications and device drivers

Partnership with board houses

    The good relation that we have with our board layout, board fabrication and board assembly partners means we can usually get very short turn around time when required.

    We also work very closely with our board fabrication and board assembly partners to ensure new technologies are assimilated quickly and efficiently.

    The intimate knowledge we have on the way our board fabrication and board assembly partners operate results in easier to manufacture products, higher reliability and shorter delivery times.

Contact Video Rules for your design requirements in video products. Email:

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